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Where innovation is just the beginning

What we do

BrainSystems offers innovative customized electronic and software engineering services. Our main area of expertise are IoT, embedded Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Communications, Power Electronics, Data Acquisition and Industrial Control Systems. Our services range from simple design consulting up to delivering complete turnkey solutions.

Our vision

We strive to deliver not only the highest quality designs, but also the best client experience. Thanks to our small overheads and a wealth of experience, we are not only one of the top electronic design houses in Perth, but we can also offer our services in the most cost effective way.

Our clients

We serve a variety of clients, from small startups to fully established businesses. Many of our clients do not have any previous experience on how to go about designing an electronic product. BrainSystems is here to guide you with the experience and skills required to help you achieve your goal.

Our philosophy: DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT

BrainSystems uses top of the range tools such as
Altium Logo

The latest version of Altium designer

R&S logo

Oscilloscopes and RF test equipment form Rohde Schwarz

IAR logo

Compilers and IDE from IAR

Get in Touch

BrainSystems is conveniently located south of the river, 10min drive from the Perth CBD.

Phone:  +61 8 9467 1405
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