GSM, 3G and 4G

Sending data over mobile networks is a secure stable and robust way to connect all different things to the internet.

Mobile Technologies

BrainSystems has developed various products like environmental pollution, waste level and water quality sensors that send measurements over the mobile network to the cloud.

Narrow Band 4G

A new set of standards, like NB-IOT and CAT-M1 allow low bandwidth data to be sent to existing 4G mobile network with much lower power than traditional 3G and 4G modems, allowing a battery life of 10yrs+. Also, these modems are much cheaper to buy compared with full bandwidth 4G modems. Telstra is supporting these technologies and we are already designing a product using CAT-M1.

Mobile Technologies examples


  • Remote utility meter reading
  • Sensors
  • Parking meters
  • Smart cities
  • Smart buildings
  • Asset or animal tracking
  • Agricultural applications

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