Product Design

There are many complex steps involved from the initial idea to the finished product. BrainSystems uses proven engineering processes to guarantee both, most efficient engineering and the highest quality products. These are the most important steps required to create a successful product. Product Design

Requirement Capture

BrainSystems will work closely with the customer to capture all requirements, bringing in our ideas, discussing what is feasible and what’s not. This allows us to come up with a complete set of requirements and outline any limitations or constraints, anticipated engineering and production costs, required design steps and a timeline for designing the product.

Design Specification

We will draw up a design specification outlining important aspects for the design of the hardware and software. This document will address all requirements and will be a reference for hardware and software design.

Test Specification

We will describe how we are testing/validating the design to fulfil all requirements.

Hardware design

We draw up all schematics, do simulations if necessary, source the required components and create the PCB layouts.


We offer a quick turnaround prototype service to build prototypes for the project.

Embedded software design

BrainSystems uses state of the art JTAG debuggers and emulators, modern C, C++ compilers and also Assembler if required to write highest quality firmware for the product.

Host PC based software design

Many products these days work together with PC’s, we can write GUI’s and services for all popular operating systems, including hardware drivers for communication over Bluetooth, USB, serial etc.

Mobile App based software design

We can design software apps to run on Android and or iOS, these can interact with the hardware over Bluetooth.


Intensive testing will be performed with the goal to have no software or hardware errors by the time the product is delivered. BrainSystems can also arrange EMC & EMI testing.


We will supply all design documents including schematics, PCB layouts and well documented source code. If required, we can supply you with additional documentation of the product.

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