Why choose us

Our engineers work to the highest standards and we are meticulously focused on every detail. BrainSystems philosophy is: Do it once, do it right. In particular this means we deliver a design that works reliably, is future proof, cost sensitive and user friendly. We incorporate latest electronic and software technology to respond to market needs. Why Choose us


All our systems are designed to work reliably within the defined environment. Care is taken that all components are used well within their specified parameters and all software is written to be failsafe wherever possible. Software that crashes (even only very occasionally) is absolutely not acceptable for us.

Future proofing

We will ensure that the component’s we use are state of the art, there will be room for expansion if required (e.g. processing power, memory, free interfaces) and the software can be extended without backwards compatibility issues. We will not use outdated technologies and development tools.


We research component suppliers worldwide and will suggest ways to minimize production and engineering costs. We always try to find the best possible trade-off between quality and cost.


If not otherwise negotiated, BrainSystems will transfer all copyright of the hardware and software to the customer and will supply all relevant documents like schematic, PCB layouts and source code.

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BrainSystems is conveniently located south of the river, 15min drive from the Perth CBD.

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